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Just got back from Costa Rica. Did mucho activities. See Costa Rica II for details. Many beautiful nature sites and amazing wildlife in natural settings.
Sunset 1Sunrise 1Red Poison Dart FrogView From Hotel_Casa_Turire_Panorama2_larger_1.jpgPurple sunset photo.jpgRed Poison Dart Frog 2Palms, Beach, and Sunrise.jpgGreen macaw on jungle.jpgMonkey_DrinkingMacawHowler Monkey and baby smooth.jpgMacaw Studying UsMonkey_having-PineappleRed Macaw Up CloseAbove the clouds near Volcano Irazu.jpgButterfly at the rainforest.jpgBW leaves.jpgCrater of Erazu Volcano.jpgDriftood_.jpgFamily Photo at Tango Mar.jpg

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