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There's a whole new world out there of budding artists expressing themselves on the sides of train freight cars. Most of us drive by these train yards and don't pay any attention, but just look at the work of these guys. These images were all taken at Conway Yards in Beaver County, PA.
SeanTrain grafittiMay_27__2010blur_and_Mike_offcenterWisc_Central_Sean_TopazTrainGraffitiJune_18__2010240_Collage GraffitiTrainGraffitiJune_12__2010106-Edit_overBW_MG_9362Sean_cutout_and_graffiti_background_CyclistKierston_and_backdrop_MG_9365_MG_9381_MG_9399_MG_9401_MG_9406_MG_9442_MG_9449_MG_9467_MG_9468

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