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A recent trip to India was amazing. Our trip was with National Geographic Expeditions and lead by Nevada Weir. We confined our visit to Ragasthan State, Delhi, and of course Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. The culture, food, lifestyle, even driving are so very different from what we are accustomed to. We went to several different venues from big city life (New Delhi) to the tiniest of villages where things that we take for granted don't yet exist, such as electricity and running water. Some of it felt that we were back in biblical times. Enjoy!
Picturesque Gadsar LakeMan and His Camel, BWGadsar LakePicturesque Gadsar Lake 2Lean-to Camp at the Camel FairCamping at the Pushkar FairHay Farmer and CamelCouple relaxing at the Pushkar Camel FairMother and Child at Campfire in PushkarReady for the Big Danceindian BeautyGirls at the DanceBeautiful Girl Readying for the DancePushkar and the Hindu Holy LakeWall Painting, Pushkar FairHeating Nuts for SaleCarrying Camel DroppingsCooking for the Fair VisitorsInteresting Division of LaborInteresting Garb.

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