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Iceland in the Summer is not what you might expect.There is much green, copious animal life, and it's not as cold as you might think The natural beauty is incredible, but needs to be sought out with local tour guides. If you are interested in prints please contact me directly at [email protected]
Icebergs in Lagoon JokulsarlonRainbow in Remote Southern IcelandBlue IcebergWaterfall Seljalandsfoss Southern CoastTaken from behind the WaterfallSeljalandsfossWaterfall Seljalandsfoss Side viewChurch in Southwest CoastChurch in Southwest CoastHorse family attacked by Arctic TernWe are FamilyWild Sheep, UnshornNatural Geothermal SteamArctic Terns with Glacier Eyjafjallajokull in backgroundArctic TernsWild sheep peering through geothermal steamArctic TernChurch in Southern IcelandArctic Tern landing at nestWaterfall Skogafoss, Southern CoastNear Waterfall Skogafoss, Southern Coast

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